As you might have noticed, we at HUG are very community driven. Without you lovely people helping and supporting our crazy ideas, this shop would have never existed. The time and effort we put in to this shop makes it all worth because off you guys!

That is why we want to celebrate all of you!


Our workshop will be open to all, use what you need and ask us anything. Also we will have a good friend coming over to teach you all about what it takes to make a custom bike.


Of course it would be boring without some music to make you feel at home. And that’s why we asked our friends from Spämmääjien ammattiyhdistys to preform. And they where happy to oblige. Kannttoripoika, Kesobob and Mature Riot the guys from Löysä Feelis will be doing their radioshow live from the shop.


And if that’s not enough yet?

We will show the movie ”Melons, Trucks and Angry Dogs” on the big screen. A movie about 3 guys doing one of the toughest transcontinental races known.  So be sure to hang around for long enough to see it!

Hugs and love from HUG

Check the links for more info:



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