RockShox 30 Gold RL Solo Air Forks - 100mm Travel - Black, Black

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RockShox 30 Gold RL Solo Air Forks - 100mm Travel - Black, Black


RockShox 30 Gold RL Solo Air ForksBringing you the super-smooth suspension travel that RockShox is famous for, the 30 Gold RL forks are easy to set up and adjust, making them the ideal choice for your 26” wheeled mountain bike.RockShox Solo Air and Motion ControlWith a Solo Air spring and a Motion Control damper on board, the 30 Gold forks swallow up the roughest terrain so you can stay in control as you master even more challenging trails. The adjustments allow you to fine-tune how the forks behave, so you can match them to the terrain and your riding style.Features: Upper Tube Material: Aluminium, low friction anodised, 32mm Lower Tube Material: Magnesium Crown Material: Forged Aluminium Steerer: Aluminium Steerer Diameter: 1 1/8″ Use: MTB, XC Spring Type: Solo Air Damper Type: Motion Control Disc Brake Mount: Post mount Maximum Rotor Size: 220mm Adjustment: Rebound, Low speed compression, lockout (compatible with remote – sold separately) Axle Sizing: QRx100mmTechnologies:Solo Air: Solo Air’s enlightened design lets you add air to your forks through a single Schrader valve, filling both the positive and negative air spring chambers simultaneously. So, they’re always in perfect equilibrium, like Yin and Yang. Giving you a plush, predictable ride you can set up in seconds, with the lightest weight air spring on the marketMotion Control: Imagine riding on the moon. Rolling hills, crushed rock blasted out of craters…there’s no gravity so you wouldn’t even need a chairlift. Unfortunately, you can’t ride on the moon. There’s lots of gnarly terrain on earth, but earth has gravity so you’ll need suspension that climbs as well as it descends. With RockShox Motion Control damper technology you’ll do just that.Air Guides: RockShox prints Air Guides on all of their air-sprung forks. Maybe not a technological feat, but it will help you set up your suspension in seconds instead of minutes. And more time on your bike equals more chances to earn King of the Mountain on your favourite trail. Maybe they are a technological feat?Sag Gradients: Don’t set your sag correctly, and you might as well be hopping onto someone else’s bike. But why bust out plastic clips or rulers to keep your suspension fine-tuned? RockShox’s sag gradients are printed right on our fork’s upper tubes and shock damper bodies making perfect suspension setup easy and accurate. You can give your mum back her plastic clip and rulerBuy RockShox Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.